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T.J BRAND ORIGINAL Flying-V/A.B.M. All Bamboo Material

商品名 : Flying-V/A.B.M. All Bamboo Material
価格 ¥129,800
サイズ : 1600

スワローテイル形状のFLYING-V。3Dシリーズ最長レングス160cm。T.J=ショートボードというコンセプトイメージが示す通り、スワローテイルボードの特性から考えると短めのレングスと言える。浮力を有し、取り回しやすさと次元の高いライディングのバランスが絶妙に絡み合った形状&レングス。今までに培ってきたノウハウを最良のバランスで最大限に詰め込んだ。A.B.M. model (All Bamboo Material Model)にはAll Bamboo Woodcoreを採用し、コアがそのまま剥き出しになるNo Sidewall構造。SHIFTでも実証された、絶妙且つナチュラルな乗り味を体感できる。Mighty Glassを採用することで重くなりがちなBamboo Coreの重量を抑えるとともに、非常に優れたレスポンス性能を引き出す。Bambooの特性である しなやかでコシのある反発力を増幅させ、より快適でクイッキーながらもより自然な乗り味を提供。

Swallow tail shaped FLYING-V, 3D series as longest length 160 cm. As the concept image of T.J = short board shows, to considering the characteristics of the swallow tail board, it can be said that it is a short length. The shape and length are buoyant, and the balance between ease of handling and high level riding is connected with each other exquisitely, with the know-how cultivated so far is packed to the maximum with the best balance. All Bamboo Woodcore is adopted for A.B.M.model (All Bamboo Material Model), and the core is exposed as it is No Sidewall structure. You can experience the exquisite and natural ride that has been proven in SHIFT (Terrain series). By adopting Mighty Glass, the weight of Bamboo Core which tends to be heavy become lightened, and it brings out extremely excellent response performance. Amplifies the supple and firm repulsive force that is characteristic of Bamboo, providing a more comfortable and quicker yet more natural ride, so you can enjoy very quick and sharp riding. P.A.C. is recommended when you prefer tough riding while being lighter than A.B.M. and want to enjoy sharp carving with long effective edges.